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e-Commerce Fulfillment


VietFul’s Fulfillment Software 

Developed based on Fulfillment By Amazon.

The sales channels have become increasingly diverse, providing opportunities for many businesses to reach more customers.

However, distributing products across omnichannel without having experience in omnichannel management creates many difficulties for businesses in inventory management. Based on the needs of retailers, VietFul has introduced the Fulfillment Software.

Smart Warehouse Management System, Simplifying Inventory

WARENA has many useful features that simplify inventory checking. It not only supports customer management but also integrates with various online sales channels, making it easy to track orders in the warehouse.

Warehouse Management

Manage Inbound, Outbound, Inventory, and synchronize data on the system.

Manage Categories

Manage by groups of goods and suppliers

Sales Order Management

Support order processing. Consolidate sales orders into an Excel file.

Manage Inbound

Manage all Inbound Requests from suppliers.

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Omni-Channel Sales Management System

MOMENA is a solution to synchronize sales in one place from many channels such as Website, Social commerce, and E-commerce to the store with a perfect process system to operate and manage sales effectively.

Order Management

Warehouse management technology is integrated with delivery carriers, built-in TMS/Last-mile self-delivery service.

Customer Management

The profiles of all customers and suppliers will be stored fully and in detail on the system

Shipping Management

Support order processing, consolidate all sales orders into a comprehensive Excel file.

Inbound & Outbound Management

Manage all orders from suppliers.

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Optimizing the E-Commerce Sales Process

Advanced technology is applied to warehouse management activities, goods management, employees, orders, transportation, customer information, etc.

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Expert Warehousing Software

More proactive in managing orders, checking inventory, etc., anywhere any time, just through a smartphone.

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Shipping Tracking

Integrated with the transportation network of delivery carriers such as Viettel Post, GHN, Giaohangtietkiem, and Lalamove, …

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